St. Thomas' Episcopal Church
Thursday, July 09, 2020
Bethel, Connecticut
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Rhythms of Grace


Designed to benefit children on the autism spectrum and those with Down syndrome, TBI, and various cognitive and emotional special needs. Rhythms of Grace is welcoming to Christians of all denominations.  Families are encouraged to attend and participate.


A lively worship experience including music, dance, storytelling, therapeutic play and (optional) Holy Communion.


One Sunday each month, except in August.  Our home page lists the dates.


Usually in one of our classrooms, though we have also used our chapel.


Email the priest, or call St. Thomas’ office, 203-743-1494, to let us know you’re coming. Parents are also encouraged to share information about sensory sensitivities and food allergies so that we can prepare the most positive experience for your child.


Because we understand that you want your child to grow in faith. And, because we want you to know that you are not alone.