St. Thomas' Episcopal Church
Sunday, May 31, 2020
Bethel, Connecticut
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What St. Thomas' Members Say


One Sunday morning, worshipers were asked to write down what they had received at St. Thomas' that they would like to share.  Here is a representative sample of their answers:

“A church that feels like home.  When we are here, I feel completely at ease.”

 “Love and support thru my crazy messed up life.  Found new friends thru the years and have always felt God’s love when I walk thru the doors.”

“Friendship, music, laughter, spiritual renewal”

“The opportunity to work with others in charitable endeavors and a sense of community”

“Love, community, friendship for life, sense of belonging, faith enrichment, sense of peace, connection to life”

 “I have received many wonderful, caring friends here at St. Thomas’!  I always feel welcome here!!”

“So much love and friendship over the years – such a wonderful warm place to come!  Knowing that love and help surrounds me.”

 “Emotional support, emergency financial help, food pantry when things were tight, sense of community and belonging, acceptance, love, feelings that I matter and count”

“Found a place to sing, a place to help and a place to help me become a better person.”


“Fellowship, new people, more purpose…sense of a larger connection to the universe”

“A sense of community, new friends, religious education for our children, a time to reflect and reset every Sunday”

“A place to use my voice in song.  People who care.  A chance to stretch myself.”